WIN BIG...Prizes, Drawings & Games

The Carolina Sweepers have decided that the 2019 Fall Festival will be our last to host at least for a year or two, so we plan on making this one the ‘Over The Top Festival!’ 

We know that what sweepers enjoy more than anything is WINNING so we’re planning on giving you just that…a weekend with more wins available than you can imagine!!

We are planning new types of drawings and games for chances to win than ever before so stay tuned and read through this list carefully to be able to participate in as many ways to win as you possibly can. (These are all in addition to regular festival prizes and any Step-Up prizes.)

Winning Way #1

Every Early Registration that came in before the first deadline (1/31/19) was entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Congrats to Cheryl Edwards of KY, the winner. 

Winning Way #2


Basket Competitions. It’s not too late to register for the Basket Competition. You can enter as many baskets as you’d like. Just read the details on the Basket Competition page and be sure to email Wendy at with BCR in subject line to register for this event. There will be a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place cash prize for the winners depending on how many baskets there are. Winners announced and baskets given away Sunday morning. 

Winning Way #3

Provide your own lanyard and labels! We need a commitment from all attendees who will provide their own lanyard with a pouch for their name badge and also provide your own name labels or stamp for the prize tickets and vendor tickets. WHY you ask? Because the more we can save by NOT doing these for your registration packet, the more we can put into prizes and of course, there will be a drawing for that as well. Email us at to tell us that you'll provide your own then go ahead and pack them in your suitcase so you won't forget.

Winning Way #4

Stay tuned as there are at least 12 Winning Ways

Winning Way #5

Winning Way #6

Winning Way #7

Winning Way #8

Winning Way #9

Winning Way #10

Winning Way #11