Convention Schedule (Tentative)


Thursday 10/17/19

  • Early arrivals may pick up registration packets from 2-6PM at the Registration counter across from the ballrooms.
  • Vendors begin set up at noon  - Drake & Galilea rooms off the Terrace Ballroom.
  • Charity donations accepted at registration pick up area.
  • Evening Game Night (unofficial) in the Atrium for attendees arriving early.  Meet up and enjoy cards, Right/Left/Center, or just hang out and enjoy company & conversation.

Friday 10/18/19

  • Registration pick 10am - 5pm.
  • Charity donations accepted til 5pm.
  • Friday Evening Reception 7PM til...(Tuscany & Venice Ballroom) 
  • 'Pick a Prize' drawings & games you won't want to miss.

Saturday Morning 10/19/19 10am-Noon

General Sessions will be held in the Tuscany & Venice Ballrooms.  Please be sure to bring your Basket Competition voting tickets and your General Session Prize ticket. 

NOTE: All General Session tickets MUST have your name sticker affixed before placing in the drum. BEND CARDS 1 FOLD/ IN HALF ONLY! 

  • Be sure to visit the Vendors (Vendor room closes at 9:45am.)
  • Doors will open at 8AM to view and cast you votes for the Basket Competition as well as dropping your General Session ticket in the drum.
  • Prizes will be given away in between speakers and games.
  • Noon  - 1:30/2PM - break for lunch.

Saturday Afternoon - 1:30/2ish til 5pm

  • Vendor room open during lunch and will be locked during the afternoon session.
  • More prizes, speakers and games.
  • Room must be vacated promptly by 5pm for Evening Banquet set up.

Saturday Evening Banquet - Doors open at 6:30pm.

Return to the Tuscany/Venice Ballrooms and there's no reserve seating so why not sit next to and get to know someone new to you!

  • Let's enjoy a wonderful meal together buffet style with plenty of choices.
  • Basket Competition Winners announced along with baskets given away.
  • Guest drawing.
  • Vendor drawings.
  • Drawings of the optional Level Upgrades.
  • Centerpieces given away.
  • More games??

Sunday 10/20/19 ?am - Noonish

Return to the Tuscany/Venice Ballroom for our final session.

  • Vendors will be again open til 8:45 am and again after Session.
  • General Session will begin at 9am
  • Balance of prizes will be given away along with more games for prizes
  • Then there will be a Panel for Q & A 
  • Announcements & 2020 updates
  • Swap/Trade/Sell prizes in the Boticelli Room after the session ends.
  • Vendors room can be open until 5pm.